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20th February 2020
How To Keep Your Business Going When The Unexpected Happens

(Disaster Recovery Plan) How To Keep Your Business Going When The Unexpected Happens

Every single business – no matter its size, stature or the experience it possesses – has potential for disaster. A downturn in annual reports, an ominous legal challenge or the loss of someone vital can be devastating for a business. If it can happen to any business and spawn out […]
20th September 2019
Four key points for all start up businesses

Four Key Points For All Start-Up Businesses

The experts in any business trickle down information and advice about their journey to prominence. Their experience in the world of business can be useful for the next generation of small businesses and start-ups. It is the dream of many start-up businesses across the world to develop and succeed in […]
20th August 2019
The potential financial crisis for your business post brexit

The Potential Financial Crisis For Your Business Post Brexit

There is no aspect of Brexit which is greeted with universal approval. Quantitative studies struggle to garner ubiquitous reception and opinions are the main currency, but the potential of Brexit – both financially and socially – is something that will affect every business. Deal or no deal The main talking […]
20th July 2019
Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental Health In The Workplace: How To Be The Ideal Ally

Two buzzwords that have entwined themselves into every workplace in recent years are mental health. It deserves its heightened recognition and an importance must be place on it in every workplace. Mental health is not a catch-all term. Anxiety, depression, bipolar, eating disorders, anger issues, OCD, phobias, stress disorders. The […]
20th June 2019
What Our Team At Fortify Consultants Are Listening To And Reading

What Our Team At Fortify Consultants Are Listening To and Reading

It isn’t easy to keep up with the business world. Every day something alters and switches. We all feel the same pressure. Even our team at Fortify Consultants do. But, don’t worry, we do unwind and relax. We love the world of business. It’s not just our job. Whether it’s […]
20th September 2018
Making Tax Digital – What You Need to Know

Making Tax Digital – What You Need To Know!

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a new initiative that could transform the tax system. Why do you need to know about it? Because it could save millions of individuals and business owners time and a great deal of effort. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.   […]
20th August 2018
Interest rates review – What does it mean for you

Interest rates review: What does it mean for you?

Last Thursday saw The Bank of England raise interest rates to their highest level in nearly a decade. So, what does this mean for you?   Where has this interest rate rise come from? It’s all to do with the UK’s hottest topic at the moment, Brexit. The aim is […]
20th July 2018
Corporate Wellness – The Benefits of Healthy and Active Staff!

Corporate Wellness – The Benefits of Healthy and Active Staff

It’s no secret that having a healthy and active lifestyle is great for your wellbeing and morale – in day-to-day and working life. Whether you’re a business owner, director, manager, team leader or an employee, are you embracing a healthy and active lifestyle?   Physical activity and healthy eating provide […]